Notes on Chronology of the Imperium and The Church of the Blessed Prophets


There are various dating systems currently in use through both the Imperium proper and the systems aligned with The Church of the Blessed Prophets.  Each generally reflects the ethos of the leadership prevalent and highlights the important moments within the historical validity of the relevant ruling elite.  Several of the Lesser Houses not aligned with either The Church of the Blessed Prophets or the Imperium have their own systems of reckoning, but these tend to be very localized and of little value to the serious historian.

The system used and endorsed by the Imperium was adopted by the Court Historian Emeritus Aquila and begins with year one as the year in which the first Emperor of the Imperium, Cor Caroli I, united the warring Houses after the successful Great War of Religious Subjugation and brought the first real cohesion to the human community.  Since The Church of the Blessed Prophets was an integral part of the First Imperium, the more respected and prominent dating system within The Church of the Blessed Prophet’s hierarchy also uses this system.  All dates from the coronation of Cor Caroli I are thus classified as Y.I., or Year of the Imperium, giving an exact record of the Imperium’s rule over humanity.  Dates preceding this time are classified as P.Y.I., or Pre Year of the Imperium.

Although The Church of the Blessed Prophets has adopted this system through their association with the First Imperium, there is a separate and older system used by Dei Glorium for internal religious usage.  These dates presage the First Imperium and reach back into the earliest times of human cognition, which occurred during the Dark Ages of Human Bondage.  This system places the year 1 Y.I. as the year 2780 C.E., or Creator Era.  Thus all years in the Imperium system can be converted to Creator Era years by simply adding 2780 to the Imperium date.

There is one more system that is perhaps of importance to those not within the human community and it pre-dates all of the current human systems, stemming from a time before what is called the Dark Ages of Human Bondage and before the Human Accord was enforced.  This system is thus the oldest of the systems and is only used by those non-human species whose interest lies in the preservation of the history before the Human Accord.  This system dates back to a religious event of great significance to the humans of the pre-Dark Ages era and is also classified as C.E. (or Common Era or Christian Era, both usages interchangeable).  This system places the year 1 Y.I. as the year 6526 C.E.  It is a testimony to the longevity that is the human species and to the extent of time that they have plagued the galaxy with their arrogance.


                             Excerpt from the historical Treatise:
                            The Human Threat
                            Havd Griphard
                            Kroor Master Historian


As seen through human eyes


4000 P.Y.I.:           A fragment from the Manifest of the Human Resolution is dated to this time.


The years from 4000 P.Y.I. to the year 2835 P.Y.I. are considered to be the Dark   Ages of Human Bondage, during which time humanity was in forced servitude to the shape-shifting Dwad-Mehstiv.  All records prior to this time and during this time have been lost as the Dwad-Mehstiv destroyed all human records and bred out the ability in humans to read and write.  Although small bands of religious monks survived independent of Dwad-Mehstiv enslavement, their records are fragmentary at best and are considered by most to be mythical.  No traces of such records have ever been found and it is doubtful that Dwad-Mehstiv would have allowed such records to exist.  If such records exist, it is doubtful that they will contain any relevant information other than of a religious nature.


2835 P.Y.I.:           Orion Morgase leads the first successful revolt of humans against their Dwad-Mehstiv overlords, freeing 500,000 humans from bondage on the planet of Krii’don.  With help from the Drek, the 500,000 were brought to the uninhabited planet of Kaksha.


2800 P.Y.I:            With continued assistance from the Drek and the Kroor, the Human Slave Breeding Farms of Clli’thik are liberated and the Morgase Insurrection begins in earnest.


2000 P.Y.I:            Humans finally manage to free themselves from the enslavement of Dwad-Mehstiv with the continual and vital assistance of the Drek.  However, the Drek help comes with a cost that was not realized when Orion Morgase first approached the species for help.  Humanity is forced to adopt the precepts of the Drek religion J’tan.  This marks the beginning of the Great Religious Subjugation.


1530 P.Y.I.:           The St. Rishi Rahu convinces the Elders of the human community that the subjugation of the Drek is no better than the enslavement by Dwad-Mehstiv.  The Great War of Religious Independence begins.


1127 P.Y.I.:           Under the divinely inspired leadership of St. Aurum Gossomer, human religion is codified within the Creator-inspired Tome of the Blessed Prophets and The Church of the Blessed Prophets is formed. 


1005 P.Y.I.:           The Drek, tired of the war against humanity and beginning to lose ground in key systems, grant humans their religious freedom.


1003 P.Y.I.:           Great leaders arise within the human community and begin the creation of what will become the Noble Houses.


950 P.Y.I.:             With human populations soaring and uninhabited systems rapidly being colonized, the Wars of Conquest are begun.  The main thrusts of the attacks are aimed at the Druzsni, the Drek and the Ynos Partnership.  Large gains are achieved by humanity with rapid and brutal efficiency.


800 P.Y.I:              The Wars of Conquest end with the complete surrender and then extermination of the Ynos species, giving humanity the vastly extended territories of the Ynos Partnership and their lucrative trading rights and routes.  However, the rapid defeat of the Ynos Partnership leaves a power vacuum in the interstellar trade and trade-hauling consortiums.


798 P.Y.I:              The Trade Wars begin between the various human Noble Houses and the Druzsni for the lucrative trading routes, concessions and deep-hauling contracts left behind by the Ynos Partnership.  The introduction of the Thrumbo Worm into the conflict brings a new level of brutality to the human community and splits the Noble Houses apart, creating an opening for early domination of the trade concessions by the Druzsni.


500 P.Y.I.:             The Trade Wars between Humans and Druzsni comes to a climactic end with humans gaining the majority of the trade concessions and deep-hauling routes. 


450 P.Y.I.:             Full scale war breaks out between the human Noble Houses over possession of the trade concessions and routes.  The Druzsni and Dwad-Mehstiv take the opportunity to gain back lost systems.  The wide-spread use of Thrumbo Worms causes massive casualties.


103 P.Y.I.:             Backed by the power and prestige of ever-growing Church of the Blessed Prophets, the House St. Peter of the Sacred Consecration begins a bid to gain ascendancy over the other Houses and unify them under the banner of The Church of the Blessed Prophets.


58 P.Y.I.:               The Battle of Sankara gives the House St. Peter of the Sacred Consecration a stunning victory over the House Tavishá.  Other Houses begin to side with the House St. Peter of the Sacred Consecration and The Church of the Blessed Prophets.  Druzsni and Dwad-Mehstiv incursions and victories become more common and severe.


1 Y.I.:                    The House St. Peter of the Sacred Consecration succeeds in subduing the majority of the Noble Houses and the First Imperium is inaugurated with the coronation of Cor Caroli I as Emperor of the Imperium and as the Dei Glorium of The Church of the Blessed Prophets.  The Church begins to exert its control over humanity with sweeping purges against heretics and wide-spread educational course to indoctrinate humanity into its own religion.


2 Y.I.:                    The Church of the Blessed Prophets, through the Imperium, calls for a Holy Jihad against the Druzsni and Dwad-Mehstiv to regain the systems and trade routes lost during the wars between the Noble Houses.


108 Y.I.:                A second Holy Jihad is called against the continued attacks by the Dwad-Mehstiv


347 Y.I.:                The Jihad against the Druzsni ends successfully for the Imperium.  Sweeping concessions are demanded of the Druzsni by The Church of the Blessed Prophets, leading to pent-up anger on the part of the Druzsni.


500 Y.I.:                A third Holy Jihad is called against Dwad-Mehstiv.  The Drek launch a covert attack on The Church of the Blessed Prophets in an attempt to subvert the human religion.


575 Y.I.:                Several Houses (the exact number is still not known) who are not affiliated with the Imperium are approached by the Drek to help with the internal subversion of The Church of the Blessed Prophets.


720 Y.I.:                War breaks out between the Imperium and the non-affiliated Houses.  The non-affiliated Houses are ruthlessly crushed.


750 Y.I.:                The Imperium discovers that the Drek are involved in the subversion of The Church of the Blessed Prophets.  War is declared against the Drek.


800 Y.I.:                The internal struggle re-erupts between the Imperium and the non-affiliated Houses.


805 Y.I.:                The so-called Golden Age of the First Imperium is said to commence.


900 Y.I.:                Explorers from the Lesser House Volans discover new, uninhabited systems within parts of the Great Void and beyond the far barrier.  As House Volans if not affiliated with the Imperium, they gain control of vast stretches of territory and rise in power over-night.


903 Y.I.:                The Imperium is victorious against the Drek and the war comes to an end.


905 Y.I.:                The Imperium attempts to bring the Greater House Volans into the fold, but due to strong negative feelings toward The Church of the Blessed Prophets, the House Volans resists.


972 Y.I.:                Through treachery and military power, the Imperium forcefully gains control of the Greater House Volans and turns it back into a Lesser House.


1550 Y.I.:              War breaks out between the Drek and the Imperium over border disputes and piratical activity against human trading routes.


2020 Y.I.:              Dwad-Mehstiv join the Drek in their war against the Imperium.  Non-affiliated Houses side against the Imperium and the War of Suppression is started.


2175 Y.I.:              The War of Suppression ends with the Dwad-Mehstiv re-gaining control of several border systems.


2200 Y.I.:              The Imperium begins a brutal, systematic purge of those House not affiliated with The Church of the Blessed Prophets.  Several of the Houses within the Imperium refuse to participate in the massacre.  This is the beginning of the Schism of the First Imperium.


2301 Y.I.:              A full scale revolt against The Church of the Blessed Prophets erupts by Houses both affiliated with and not affiliated with the First Imperium.  This is the start of the War of the Six Houses.


2350 Y.I.:              The House St. Peter of the Sacred Consecration falls and the First Imperium is thrown into chaos.  The Lesser House Volans is the key player in the overthrow of The Church of the Blessed Prophets, the power behind the First Imperium.


2377 Y.I.:              Only five House now hold allegiance to The Church of the Blessed Prophets as in-fighting among the Houses decimates the remnants of the First Imperium.


2400 Y.I.:              The Drek take advantage of the chaos within humanity and infiltrate their religion into many former strongholds of The Church of the Blessed Prophets.


2450 Y.I.:              The Druzsni attack the shattered remnants of the Imperium.


2451 Y.I.:              Dwad-Mehstiv declare war on humans.


2500 Y.I.:              The House Volans rallies the remnants of the Imperium and begins systematically regaining lost star systems and trading routes.


2520 Y.I.:              The Battle of Vitîrna at the edge of the Great Void ends in victory for the House Volans against both the Druzsni and the Drek.  Ten of the Greater Houses immediately support the House Volans for the vacant Prime House of the Imperium.


2521 Y.I.:              The House Volans takes over as Prime House and the Second Imperium is inaugurated.  The Church of the Blessed Prophets is dismissed from the power heriarchy of the Imperium and loses most of its power and influence.


2600 Y.I.:              The Church of the Blessed Prophets attempts a reconciliation with the Second Imperium but is harshly rebuked.


2620 Y.I.:              The Church of the Blessed Prophets attempts and armed coup to wrestle control back over the Imperium.  The attempt fails.


2650 Y.I.:              The Golden Age of the Second Imperium begins.  The Church of the Blessed Prophets slowly regains power and prestige after a massive internal purge.


2895 Y.I.:              Undeclared wars between Houses within the Second Imperium over trade routes and concessions, becomes epidemic.


2900 Y.I.:              The Imperium intervenes in the escalating trade wars between the Houses and introduces the Samīcāná Decree, allocating ten systems to each of the ten Greater Houses within the Second Imperium


3000 Y.I.:              Piracy, based with the non-affiliated House, becomes a problem for the Trading companies and Imperium commerce.


3010 Y.I.:              The Church of the Blessed Prophets begins to organize the non-affiliated Houses against the Second Imperium.


3110 Y.I.:              The Second Imperium expands with treaties with three of the non-affiliated Houses and brings them into the Second Imperium, hurting both The Church of the Blessed Prophets’ subversion attempts and the status of House within the Second Imperium.


3250 Y.I.:              Attacks against the pirates of Kol’th reveals that The Church of the Blessed Prophets is secretly funding the anti-Imperium commerce raiding.


3260 Y.I.:              Plans for attacking and destroying The Church of the Blessed Prophets are finalized by the Second Imperium but are never implemented.


3500 Y.I.:              Internal struggles within the Second Imperium cause severe modifications to the Samīcāná Decree.


3510 Y.I.:              Aquila Denebs Volans ascends to the Throne of the Second Imperium and begins drastic restrictions against the Noble Houses.


3605 Y.I.:              Secret trade wars within the Second Imperium cause dissension and allow The Church of the Blessed Prophets vital access to Houses within the Second Imperium that were once religious strongholds during the First Imperium.


3660 Y.I.:              The Emperor Aquila Denebs Volans, holder of the Imperium Seat, is assassinated.  Civil war with the Second Imperium threatens to erupt.