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Book One:
The Sslithax Heresy

The holocaust, when it came, was not a product of our own hands, thought certainly not from lack of trying.  It came from the one place that had always held a fascination for Humans from time immemorial: space.  The holocaust did more than end our speciesí isolation.  It began the ultimate battle for our survival, a battle whose lines had been etched in the Human psyche for millennia past.  At the heart of this battle was a simple question with far-reaching consequences for those who thought themselves qualified to answer: was the Human species only to be found on Earth?  For centuries the wars sparked by this question raged across the void in senseless slaughter.  All that Humans ever learned from these wars was how to wage war better and better.

Some began to voice the opinion that this very fact was all part of some master plan.

They would have been correct.

The Ssilthax Heresy is an epic journey that delves into the very creation of humanity.  Spanning entire galaxies and numerous time-lines, the two books, Sacrilege and The Chaos of Unity, follow Fleet Admiral Nathan Alexander, scientist Celeste Jamlech, Warrior Cardinal Rhegium and She of the Thousand Deaths Like Fire, a Sslthax Grand Warrior Queen on a intellectual foray into the very beginnings of humanity while they face their own extinction at the hands of mutant creatures hell-bent on destroying all in their path for wrongs perpetrated eons ago.  The Sslithax Heresy is an action-packed tale of self-righteousness and greed, compassion and anger, and love and self-sacrifice, the end of which will leave the reader wondering why we have as of yet not made contact with any life outside our small planet and if we were created for an ulterior motive best left unanswered.

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