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The Eternity Universe

Seed of Power
  The best science fiction books by author R. Peter Ubtrent. Alexis lives in the year 2085.  The world’s oil reserves dried up back in 2065 and the subsequent wars that erupted in the Middle East as the oil-producing countries found themselves without any income, resulted in several nuclear exchanges leaving the desert lands and the fertile regions of the Tigris and Euphrates, as well as the Indus, a spoiled wasteland.  Two nuclear wars between India and Pakistan didn’t help the environment much either.  The United States lead the way in the development of alternative fuel vehicles, but it was the Japanese and the Europeans who developed the practical applications for hydrogen-based fuel vehicles.  In the year 2073, the Mitsubishi Motor Company introduced the first hover-car, opening up a revolutionary new era in transportation.  Shortly afterwards, Mercedes and Chrysler brought out their own versions of the Hov and soon car-based vehicles became obsolete. 

Because of the volatile nature of the world governments following the destructive and almost fatal Islamic Jihad and then the loss of oil revenues for the Middle East, several private organizations began to spring up providing security as well as espionage services to the highest bidder.  These organizations inevitably started to compete against each other and several were actually destroyed as a result.  Genetic research entered the fray in the year 2020, but none of the test-cases ever proved to be more capable than non-genetically modified individuals.  With the disastrous and deadly failure of the genetic manipulations of the Solaris Group, most governments backed off the genetic band-wagon and resorted to the tried and true methods of recruiting top-notch individuals for their dirty work.

With the nuclear-devastated areas and the Islam Nations strict immigration policies, as well as the growing pollution, the first space-based O’Neill Colony, started in the year 2064 and completed ten years later, was a ray of hope for the struggling world.  Situated at one of the Lagrangian point between the moon and the earth, the O’Neill Colonies gave a pollution free, weapons and crime-free environment for those chosen to live there.   With the successful first year, other O’Neill Colonies were quickly started, as was the Mars Colony, founded in the year 2080 and the Moon-based scientific protectorate, completed in the year 2045.  Plans for generations ships, massive space-faring vessels meant to roam the galaxy for hundreds of years to locate and habitat new worlds, began to gain momentum.  

Medical care found the cure for most ailments and with the successful stem-cell transplant and in-vitro organ growing systems, every part of the human body, with the exception of the brain, could be re-grown and replaced when it proved faulty.  Life-spans began to easily reach the 120 year range, but the natural deterioration of the brain after so many years provided a fixed cap of 120-130 year life-span.

This is the world into which Alexis Locke was born and wherein she thrived for so many years.  It is the world she will be forced to save, at the expense of her own soul.