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Eternity's Handmaiden
Eternity's Handmaiden:  Alexis Locke gave the first forty years of her life to an agency that never thought twice about putting her in harm's way.  After fifteen years of voluntary solitude and retirement, she is asked to perform one last mission, one that will put her life in far more danger than she ever faced before.   The seemingly innocuous death of five scientists at first seems like a simple task, but when she discovers that the son she had to give up at birth is among the five, she becomes obessed with tracking down the killers.  From the mega-biotech companies of Kazakhstan to the revolutionary O'Niell colonies in orbit, Alexis is slowly but inexorably drawn to a conclusion she doesn't want to face and a future she doesn't want to see.  She comes to learn that she is but a pawn in a far greater game that has been ravaging the future for eons.

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