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Eternity's Handmaiden
Reader's Favorite 5 Stars Award Eternity's Handmaiden 
"Eternity’s Handmaiden" by R Peter Ubtrent is everything you would expect from this accomplished author. Yet again he creates an intriguing universe peopled by diverse, superbly drawn, unique characters. Alexis Locke, created by The Agency 65 years ago, is called back into service after fifteen blissful years of reclusive living in Alaska by Cav, the boss she hates. She owes him nothing and doesn’t want to get involved in investigating the series of deaths of five well respected scientists. But then he reveals that one of them is the son he dishonestly told her had died shortly after birth. And then there is an assassination attempt on her by intruders wearing invisibility suits. Now she can’t help but be drawn in. It is personal now. She finds herself caught up in scheming that involves the past and the future and isn’t confined to the Earth. And she seems to be right in the middle of it all. This novel blends science fiction with espionage and murder mystery. Not only are their time-streams in the story, but action-streams too. Mr Ubtrent slowly and steadily weaves the strands of his cleverly crafted plot together towards an ending that is both unexpected and somehow inevitable. Never be blind to the dark side of life and the depths of evil humans are capable of. Nonetheless, the author offers us hope in the positive human values of loyalty, courage and love. He creates savage violence but also tenderness and sympathy. We find these diverse qualities throughout the book and also fittingly embodied in Alexis, who is thus a very appropriate heroine for this excellent novel.

Eternity's Universe

The Best Science Fiction books The Dark Pilgrim Series
Reader's Favorite 2012 FinalistReader's Favorite 2012 Finalist
Reader's Favorite 5 Stars Award
Dark Pilgrim Rising
Reviewed by Stephanie D. for Readers' Favorite "Dark Pilgrim Rising" R Peter Ubtrent is a whole universe within a book. It is the first in the 'Dark Pilgrim' series, so there is of necessity a lot of scene-setting since this promises to be an epic science-fiction series. It is a complex rather than complicated novel with many subplots and layers, and calls for concentration. It is a story of survival. Ailanthus and Tethys, human friends currently on a savage penal colony, are bent on surviving in a place where few last more than five years. The Imperium, the presiding body, is also trying to survive, now that its Emperor has been assassinated. It faces uprisings from the Church of the Blessed Prophets and also from the Noble Houses, which had all previously been powerful rulers. To complicate matters further, an ancient enemy returns to the fray. Any book that opens with the sentence ‘The existence of earth is a myth’ is one that needs reading! It quickly becomes engrossing. This is a dystopian novel of corruption, brutality and despair, but ultimately of hope. The cast of alien species, including the Dwad-Mehstiv, Kroor, Druzni, Drek and H’chalks, is an intricately created and plausible one. Through their unique eyes we are given a satirical view of the human race with its faults and foolishness. But good qualities shine at times in Ailanthus and his fellow convicts. This book is an impressive achievement and one that is rewarding and fascinating to read.

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Reader's Favorite 5 Stars Award
Seed Of Power
"Seed of Power" by R Peter Ubtrent is the second book in the exciting 'Dark Pilgrim science fiction series'. Ailanthus, Tethys and their rather unlikely band of friends, having escaped from the horrific penal colony of K’ar Krack’a, begin to attempt to build new lives. But the world they find themselves in isn’t really much different, full of criminals and liars all trying to steal credits and simply survive. There is conflict and tension everywhere - between The Church of the Blessed Prophets and the struggling Imperium, between some of the various alien species, and within the Imperium itself. Too many people are after personal power or revenge. Rohini becomes a key figure in keeping the Imperium’s collapse at bay since the new Emperor is neither popular nor diplomatic. And he needs Ailanthus’ help. The dystopian view of humanity so evident in 'Dark Pilgrim Rising' continues in this novel, so when loyalty, courage and honesty do appear they shine like beacons. Familiar characters are further developed and new ones are also introduced. Unresolved issues and hints that surfaced in the previous book are dealt with, but new ones emerge to intrigue us. Themes and subplots weave through the story, carrying us towards the exciting conclusion that leaves us wanting to continue following this imaginative and epic science fiction adventure. R Peter Ubtrent is an extremely talented author and plunges the reader into a rich, persuasive and fascinating alternate universe. He packs more into a page in terms of linguistic ability and sheer entertainment than many authors do in an entire book.

Reader's Favorite 5 Stars Award
Dark Pilgrim Rising
"Dark Throne" is the third in the absorbing and masterfully-written 'Dark Pilgrim series' which has at its heart Ailanthus and his small band of friends of assorted species. “I am Bhasan Volans, son of Deneb Aquila Volans, and I am the Emperor of the Imperium,” announces Ailanthus during a meeting with the Druzsni leadership. He is only pretending at the time. Whether he is or isn’t, and whether he can or cannot bring himself to assume this role, is the uniting theme of this book, set in a very disunited galaxy. Ailanthus feels nothing but antipathy towards the Imperium. Can he really be expected to lead it? Can he bring peace to the huge diversity of co-existing lifeforms that include humans, Kroor, Dwad Mehstiv, Ynos, Morype Slugs, H’Chalk and Druzsni. If that is not enough, the Lord Cardinals of The Church of the Blessed Prophet continue to scheme and complicate matters in their attempts to retain control of both the Church and the Imperium. Can Ailanthus control them? I feel this book is even more neatly structured than its predecessors. It opens and closes with references to the Ynos, threatened at first but posing a threat themselves at the end. There is betrayal throughout, in small and big gestures. Not only does Ailanthus face it, but he knows he will perpetrate it himself if he is to unite the warring galaxy. In the prologue we see Marines spilling out of their ship “like a virus”. Another virus runs rampant both through the galaxy and the book. The epilogue closes with the observation that humans are chaotic, but this meticulously organized and tightly constructed novel suggests the exact opposite!

Reader's Favorite 5 Stars Award
Dark Enlightenment
It takes an excellent author to maintain a series successfully over four books but this is what R Peter Ubtrent does in this next novel in the absorbing and complex 'Dark Pilgrim' series. And if anything, the quality goes up. The excitement continues with the Restoration now thrown into the broiling mix, working to bring down the Church of the Blessed Prophets which it sees as an “infection”. Lord Comte Mishi continues his rebellion against the tatters of the Imperium. The virus is still having a fiercely negative impact on humanity, as are the Drek and the Ynos. And Ailanthus is still fighting his fate, with an ever dwindling band of loyal supporters. He feels wholly inadequate for the responsibilities he will face as Emperor. All of the main characters reflect on what their status will be within the new order, if and when it finally comes. This intricately constructed book has at its heart pain and relationships, and often the pain of relationships. There is torture, both physical and emotional, on a shocking scale. Trust too is an issue. It is described as being nothing but exploitation at one point and this seems true. Alliances are brittle and self-interest is served. The galaxy seems to be wading forward into darker times. The truth concerning the history of the Dark Ages of Human Bondage emerges but as Ailanthus declares sarcastically, “Now that we’ve been enlightened, we all know better.” There seems to be no end to the darkness in sight. There is still a lot more to come in this astounding series.

Reader's Favorite 5 Stars Award
Book 5
"Dark Redemption" by R Peter Ubtrent is the fifth book in the stunning 'Dark Pilgrim' series. And still the author keeps up mesmerized and surprised as events in the galaxy continue to twist and turn in directions we could never have foreseen. The universe seems to be crumbling into chaos. The F’gat Ynos are slowly but surely destroying every planet they come across, intent on wiping out the human race. There is general chaos as the hyper gates normally allowing galactic travel are closed as a defencive measure. Only a few vessels are able to create their own pirate gate to travel through. Ailanthus, the Emperor, is still trying to unite the Imperium, the Noble Houses within which are being challenged by The Restoration, whose members are growing more and more desperate. Someone else is after the Imperial throne too. The Dei Glorium, Ailanthus’ intended spouse, has vengeance up her sleeve with potentially devastating effects. And Anolis, working with two bounty hunters and a Kroor, still wants to repay his brother’s death, brought about by Ailanthus’ actions in the past. The action doesn’t stop. In contrast to the enormity of the crisis facing the galaxy, emotions on a personal level play an important part in this novel. Love and loyalty emerge strongly, although there is also deception, hatred and dishonesty. The characters, many of whom are now very familiar to us this far along in the series, continue to develop. Each is as complex as the universe they inhabit. Ubtrent has created yet another absorbing novel that is impossible to put down.

Reader's Favorite 5 Stars Award
Book 6: Fallen Pilgrim
"Dark Pilgrim Fallen" by R Peter Ubtrent brings the amazing 'Dark Pilgrim series' to a dramatic close - dramatic both in the sense of the author’s achievement in creating this incredible imaginary universe that has held us transfixed for six novels, and also Ailanthus’ dramatic final achievement. Rivalled by Mishi to take the role of Emperor of the Imperium, there is really precious little to be emperor of. The Ynos have destroyed most other lifeforms in the galaxy and even Earth is preparing to be evacuated. The Restoration continues to attack the beleaguered Church of the Blessed Prophets. There is rivalry between prospective empresses. Anolis returns with bounty hunters in tow to avenge his brother’s death on Ailanthus and Tethys, whom he holds responsible, forgetting their once close friendship and loyalty. B’cha the Kroor assassin is another familiar figure to reappear but this time fails in his mission. When had the galaxy gone so wrong? He wonders to himself as he falls. It is the question everyone should be asking. Why has the universe set itself on this course of self-destruction? Yet the need for a leader remains. Again, a tightly woven, many layered plot entertains us as the Imperium’s reluctant saviour embarks on a desperate, dangerous plan. Characters - cunning, treacherous, loyal and brave - perform the actions and win the reader’s and each other’s disgust or admiration. In this novel, even more than the others, it seems that strong females emerge, which is perhaps fitting as the need to save and nurture the remnants of humanity becomes more pressing. The surviving friends from the first 'Dark Pilgrim' adventure are scattered, yet still bonded together, a tiny focus of hope for the future. I am glad to state that this book, like the whole series, is a must read.

A Who's Who of Dark Pilgrim Characters for the best science fiction books by author R. Peter Ubtrent

Timeline and Brief Pre-History of the Dark Pilgrim Universe

The Sslithax Heresy - The Best Science Fiction Books
Book One: Sacrilege
Book 1: Sacrilege

The best science fiction books by author R. Peter Ubtrent. When humanity first set out to explore the stars, they discovered that they were alone, for they never ran into any other intelligent life-forms. Because of this, human religion came to the conclusion that God had only made man and all else was the creation of Satan. Thus, when human warships finally encountered Sslithax warships, the stage was set for a war of unbridled brutality. The wars raged for decades and in the process humanity split between those who professed a belief in religion and those who did not. Humanity became more and more proficient at making war and when they encountered other non-human species, they warred with them also. Soon, people began to believe that waging war was what humanity was best at and had been created for. Little did they know that they were closer to the truth then they realized. This is the epic tale of four individuals from four different cultures, forced to work together as they discover that what they had been told all these eons was not necessarily the truth.

Book Two: The Chaos of Unity
Book 2: The Chaos of Unity

The best science fiction books by author R. Peter Ubtrent. Nathan, Celeste, Thousand-Deaths and Rhegium find themselves taken from certain death and transported to a Xanthian Deep-hauler, where they learn, much to their chagrin, that they are to be used for the fulfillment of an eons-old battle between universes, used to correct a wrong committed in the future that will, if they are successful, render their lives non-existent. Separated into pairs and forced to retrieve lost time-devices for The Unity, our heroes discover that what they have been told is not necessarily the truth and when they discover the truth, they will see for themselves that their sacrifice is the only way to stop an inter-universe war that will destroy both Humanity and the Sslithax in its drive to recover the lost time-devices. From the ancient ruins of Old-Earth to the massive Generation ships of the Demon-Spawn, The Chaos of Unity is the epic conclusion of the best science fiction book series the Sslithax Heresy.

The Va'Shan Trilogy - The Best Science Fiction Books by author R. Peter Ubtrent
Book One: A Requiem for Caelus
Book 1: A Requiem for Caelus
RELEASE DATE:  Summer 2013

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